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The Norwood customer is responsible for the submission of the complaint, not the end-user or the home owner. All enquiries are made directly to the factory using the form below.


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Costs due to incorrect or misleading information being supplied may lead to costs being billed to your company
If the reason for the complaint is not justified but due to incorrect installation, lack of or incorrect maintenance, incorrect use, the inspection visit and any work carried out will be billed to your company according to the service price at that time. In in doubt we recommend that you study our maintenance page before submitting your complaint.
It is the buyers’ responsibility at the time of delivery to check if the product suffered transport damage. Any damage must be marked on the delivery note for the complaint to be processed.
All enquiries will be logged and acknowledged within 2-working days of receiving the completed form. Remedial work will be carried out as soon as is reasonably practicable following an agreed plan.

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