This type of bar physically divides the glass into two or more parts. The bars can be installed vertically or horizontally.

They are available in widths: 58 *, 68 * and 78 mm.

* only all wooden products on a 95 mm frame profile




Overlay bar

This type of bar is attached to the outside with clips. You can easily remove them and then clean the entire surface of the glass. There are wooden, aluminum and PVC overlapped bar available in the following sizes: wood / PVC - 26, 45 and 65 mm, aluminum - 26, 45 and 60 mm.





This type of bar consists of three elements: a bar glued on the inside, a bar glued on the outside and a duplex inter-pane frame. The bars inside/outside are painted in the color of the window, while the inter-pane frame is standard in the color of natural aluminum - at the customer's request, we can use a frame in a different color. For wooden windows - wooden bar on both sides. For windows with aluminum cladding - wooden bar inside and aluminum outside. Available sizes: 28 mm.



Decor bar

It is available in combinations with a glued aluminum bar on the outside and optionally inside. Depending on the selected variant, also optionally with an inter-pane duplex frame or an inter-pane bar.
The bars inside/outside are painted in the colors of the RAL palette. Available sizes: 29 and 49 mm. 



Inside bar

Aluminum decorative bar located in the middle of the combination. As standard in white. At the customer's request, we can also offer a bar in a different color from the RAL palette. Available in dimensions: 18, 26 and 45 mm.